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May 06, 2016, 08:43:36 AM

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Off Road Racing
Starting May, 2017 to September, 2017 (Once Dirt Trax 3.0 is closed)

CLASSES: (if more than 3 show up)
  • 2wd Buggy MOD
  • 2wd SC Truck MOD
  • 4wd Buggy MOD
  • E-buggy 1/8th
  • 4wd SC Truck MOD

AMB system for counting laps, personal transponder required.

We are running on a Clay & Dirt Sand mix surface that is hard packed and watered to help reduce tire wear.
Many tires will work.
Suggest HoleShots, Square fuzzies, Impacts, DD's, 3d's etc. Small pin tires work well.

1120 Ted Kelly Lane Ottawa, ON

  • 4:30pm - Open practice  (check threads of the race for exact times)
  • 6:30pm - Qualifying Starts
  • 9:30pm - Mains begin (The goal is to be done around 10:30pm)

The driveway is for the wheel chairs therefore please park on the road after unloading your gear.

Pit area behind drivers stand please bring a table and short extention cord. First come first served to the dozen pit spots already setup. The whole pit area is shaded by the forest.

Drivers Stands Stand for 7-8 people to stand on.   Elevator for wheelchair access to second level fits 5-6 wheelchairs / chairs.

PS. Practice is on Fridays

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