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Re: Wednesday Race Night - August 17th
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Ha ha ha lol. I'm laughing so hard. I guess this is pay back. :)

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Re: Wednesday Race Night - August 17th
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Re: Wednesday Race Night - August 17th
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haha.   Owl from your nightmares - Noah?   WTF?   LOL


Thanks to Noah and Greg for helping me out yesterday lifting and moving the audio system in and out of the house.  Also thanks to everyone for Marshaling for me and offering to help.  Appreciated it big time!   :-[

It was a bit of a wet night at first.  95% of the track was good to go but one little section had water running down it still and caused some water spray and dirty buggies. We covered that section with Astro turf that we stole from the second drivers stand. I will leave the astro there from here on out unless it causes issues.

Had a great qualifier to TQ 2wd buggy. but wow after looking back at the times, Daragh took the fastest 2wd lap track record beating Jake Solts record by half a second.   :o
The main was all Daragh's since he didn't make mistakes like Noah and I did and was able to cruise in for the win.

I was noticing that we were all starting to occasionally traction roll around the track.  I decided to do a tire change on the ol XB4 for the main.  I put some AKA Rebars on the front and some barcodes on the rear.  Car was much better and now had a slight push into the corners instead of traction rolling and it made it much easier to get around the track.  Took the early lead and never looked back.   ;D

Another great night of racing.  Thanks to everyone for coming out, was a lot of fun!
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