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Re: Weekend racing 2017
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We are the other father / son team.  We were actually at onroad today, our first season.  Jack just turned 11 this month and is the youngest by a few years at the onroad events but its some good fun.  With the heat structure the skill level works itself out anyway so everyone runs with similar skill drivers.

As for GFX, this will be our 2nd year and we both run AE B5 rear motor with 8.5's.  I think we have the record for attending the most races / practice nights from last year :-) Its a good size track so its pretty easy for different skill level racers to run together.  Whatever you get make sure you both get the same... its so much easier to get to know "one" car and also for spare parts.  We like our 2wd AE cars as they seem to be strong and if you do need parts they are easy to get and everyone "knows" them.

Hope to see you out !  Oh and ya, 100% 2wd is your best bet first class to start in.
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