Author Topic: 2017 Dirt Oval Rules/Fee's/Race Procedures  (Read 308 times)

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April 24, 2017, 09:49:08 PM

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2017 Dirt Oval Rules/Fee's/Race Procedures
« on: April 24, 2017, 09:49:08 PM »
A bit of a lengthy read but this hopefully will cover most everything for the upcoming season.

Racing 2wd Buggy Late Model is not mandatory.
This was discussed last year and it is being done to prevent "watering down" of the main SC EDM class.

SC EDM Dirt Modified Class
This is our main class, based off any 1/10 2wd short course chassis, mid or rear motor.
Must be a  2 wheel drive SC truck
Aftermarket LCG Chassis allowed.
NO offset chassis permitted.
Battery MUST run down the center of the chassis.
7.4 volt 2s battery only. (or equivalent)
Must run a EDM style Dirt Modified body.
13.5 motor limit, blinky mode on esc.
SC tires only, no 1/8 tires.

2WD Buggy Dirt Late Model
Must be a STOCK buggy based chassis, No stadium trucks or SC trucks allowed
Rear or Mid motor configuration ok
No offset or oval specific chassis
Battery must be mounted down the center of the chassis (no offset batteries)
All cars must have 4-wheel independent suspension, 2wd, single speed transmissions.
Must run a Dirt Late Model style body.
10.5 motor limit, blinky on the esc.
Battery is 7.4 volt 2s. (or equivalent)
Must be buggy tires.

Race Fee's are as follows:
$20.00 flat rate, same as last year and it will cover both classes if you chose to run both.
Kid's under 16 race for free if accompanied by a paying (racing) adult.
Kid's under 16 are $10.00 if accompanied by a non racing adult.
First race for new comers is free.
Again this year Saturday night racing will be free if you raced and paid on the preceding Thursday race day. if you did not race on the preceding Thursday regular rates will apply.
Rental Truck Program
There are 2 rental trucks available on a first come first served basis. Cost for the evening is $30.00 which includes race fee and rental fee for the truck. All trucks come with everything needed for a full race night...transponder, RX/TX, battery, ect...

Race Procedure

Racing will be similar to last year, lapped races, with cautions and rolling starts, 3 qualifying rounds and then the mains. Particulars will be gone over in the pre race drivers meeting, but here are a few details:
Cautions will be called by the person(s) involved, or race control only.
Cars involved in the caution will re-start at the rear of the field.
Continuing this year with the re-start zone.
If there are 10 laps or less to go in a given race and there is a caution, cars will be lined up in order by what lap each driver is on.

Thursday Night Racing
Gates will open at approximately 5:30 pm and practice will begin. If track prep is still under way practice will start when the track is ready. The track will close for registration at 6:45, heat sheets will be posted and there WILL be a WEEKLY DRIVERS MEETING at 6:55. This may be a simple reminder to have fun, or if there are new comers it will be a good chance to quickly explain things.
Cars will hit the track as close to 7:00 pm as possible starting with SC Dirt Modified, followed by Late Model. There will be a 5-10 minute break between rounds, new heat sheets will be posted and then round 2 will begin...followed by round 3, then the mains.

Saturday Night Racing
Saturday nights will follow a similar format to Thursday. Gate will open earlier at 4:00 pm and racing will start at 6:00. We will do single car qualifying for the SC EDM Class. This will set the front row only, all other positions will be set by the qualifying heats.

Rain Outs
If weather is an issue and we are rained out, we will race the following day. If weather is still an issue, the race and any points associated will be removed from the schedule.

While we take our racing seriously at WORCS, our main goal is to have fun!! We try and keep the rules "loose" and part of this great hobby is experimenting and building stuff . That being said we would also like people to consider the spirit of racing in there on and off track actions while on site.
Because we are promoting a fun, friendly, family atmosphere, and we had a lot of kiddies around last summer, I want to remind everyone that there are no drugs or alcohol allowed on site. This has never been an issue and I can't thank everyone enough for that.

If you have any question or comments feel free to post or pm myself or DanL and we can help you out.
Let's get those cars ready and have a blast racing this summer!!

West Ottawa RC racing.