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May 08, 2017, 07:08:04 AM

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On-road 2016 / 2017 Season
« on: May 08, 2017, 07:08:04 AM »
The 2016 / 2017 indoor on-road season came to a close with the last race yesterday and as usual it was a fun day. There was lots of great racing and everyone is getting faster which is great to see.

A HUGE shout-out and thank-you to a tireless Guy Parent for making all this happen. Without all of his hard work, we wouldn't have anyplace to play and his efforts should not go unappreciated. Also many thanks to his lovely wife for helping with registration, the set-up crew who put the track together every Saturday evening, the staff at Maple Ridge Community Center for the facilities and the canteen, the racers and other family members who help with the tear-down after the race and to all the racers for creating an atmosphere of friendly competition. Thank you all for making race days so much fun.

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Re: On-road 2016 / 2017 Season
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Thanks Steve! ...and you are welcome  8)

We had a great season, solid attendance and some great racing. Everybody is improving making the competition fun!

Thanks to everyone who helped out though the season!